Cold Steel - Rondel Dagger

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Cold Steel’s Rondel Dagger is inspired by historical examples of the combative incarnation of this medieval dagger. Rather than a multi-purpose tool, this version was a specialized weapon. A side arm developed for in-fighting, to pierce mail or heavy clothing, and to slip through gaps in plate armor. The long, straight triple-edged and hollow ground blade is incredibly stiff and terminates in a needle sharp point. The blade is richly blued, then the edges are hand polished, giving the Rondel its handsome appearance. The handle of the Rondel Dagger is turned and intricately hand-carved from Rosewood, with brass pins added to give further decoration and more traction to the grip. The period-correct double dish guard and pommel are further embellished with file work and offer incredible hand protection. An historically accurate hand-stitched leather sheath with blued steel throat and chape allows the Rondel Dagger be tied to a belt or baldric and comfortably worn in a variety of positions. Perfect for Historical European Martial Arts practitioners who are studying the treatise or manuscripts on Rondel application, or a fine addition to the collection of a historical re-enactor or weapons enthusiast. PART #    88HRDL WEIGHT    13.6 oz. THICKNESS    No HEAD    No HAMMER FACE    No PRIMARY EDGE    No HAWK LENGTH    No HEIGHT    No BLADE LENGTH    No HANDLE    5" STEEL/MATERIAL    No OVERALL    16 1/2" ADDITIONAL FEATURE    Black Leather Scabbard.