Solar Equipment

Covert Scouting Cameras

External Power Solar Panel Kit & Cable Extender

$14.99 $12.36

Manufacture ID: 5458External Power Solar Panel Kit -Solar Panel Cable Extender – ~10 Ft., Camera Connector Cable with Terminal Clips, Compatible with 6V Rechargeable BatterySpecifications:- Compatible with: 6V Rechargeable Battery

Covert Scouting Cameras

Solar Panel with Built In Li Ion Battery

$59.99 $50.88

Manufacture ID: 5267You no longer have to worry about your camera dying. Covert's new solar panel is the cure. The solar panel works with all 2014 Covert model cameras that use 12 batteries.Features:- EP-5/11 Solar Panel Charger-11V 5.5W Advanced...