Ball Pin-On Compass

$2.07 $1.52

Manufacture ID: 8268A liquid filled ball-type compass assures the dial is always upright. Luminous directional arrow and sturdy brass pin.

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Ultimate Survival Technologies

Compass - Hi Vis Deluxe Map

$8.99 $5.87

Manufacture ID: 20-12131The UST Hi Vis Deluxe Map Compass features a durable, fluorescent green baseplate with a high quality, liquid-filled compass with swivel bezel, plus inch, metric, and 1:25,000 scales for precise route planning. Great for hiking,...

Ultimate Survival Technologies

Compass - Hi Vis Lensatic Map

$11.99 $7.81

Manufacture ID: 20-12134The High Vis Lensatic Map Compass carries all the modern navigation features you need, including a liquid interior and precision alignment.Features:- Fluorescent green base plate enhances contrast to improve map reading- Compact,...

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Ultimate Survival Technologies

Compass - Hi Vis Waypoint Map

$7.99 $5.21

Manufacture ID: 20-12130Keep yourself on track with the handy UST Hi Vis Waypoint Compass, featuring a durable, fluorescent green baseplate with a high-quality, liquid-filled compass and adjustable marching line. It has a magnifier for easy map reading...


Compass - Lensatic

$9.99 $4.42

Manufacture ID: 2000016504You'll always know exactly where you're going with help from a durable Coleman Lensatic Compass. The compact tool allows navigators to use a flip-up lens to line up the compass with the direction they need to head. The compass...


Compass - Map

$8.99 $3.71

Manufacture ID: 2000016507You'll always know where you're going and how to get there with help from an impact and scratch-resistant Coleman Map Compass. The distortion-free, transparent base allows you to see the map underneath each time you orient...

Proforce Equipment

Compass - Map, Small

$7.99 $5.09

Manufacture ID: 51510NDuR - Map Compass SmallFeatures:- 3 scales - Liquid Filled - Lanyard included - Acrylic clear base w/ruler - Rotating Rings - Index lines Specifications:- Weight: 1.14 oz. - Dimensions: 3.43" x 2.36" x .41

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Tex Sport

Compass - Marching

$7.90 $4.74

Manufacture ID: 27110Stay on course by using the Texsport Marching Lensatic Compass to assess the Earth's gravitational pull. This affordable compass comes with a durable metal case for protection while at sea or on land, and to ensure visibility during...

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Proforce Equipment

Compass - NDuR Engineer Directional with Metal Case

$14.99 $9.53

Manufacture ID: 51640The NDuR Engineer Directional Compass W/Metal Case has A classic design traditionally used by military forces for its precisely accurate bearings in land navigation and directing artillery coordinates.Features:- Metal Case- Liquid...

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Compass - Pocket w/Plastic Case

$7.99 $2.41

Manufacture ID: 2000016512Quicker accuracy with liquid-filled design. Easy-turn needle sits on jeweled bearing. Made of tough, impact-resistant materials. Eight directional reference points: N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, NW. Glow-in-the-dark pointer is easy to...

Proforce Equipment

Compass - Watch Band

$4.99 $3.18

Manufacture ID: 51580NDuR's Watchband Compass is so small and lightweight that you won't remember it's on your wrist until you really need it. It is water resistant and will fit most watchbands. Features:- Liquid Filled- Fits Most Watch Bands- Water...

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Compass - with LED Light

$10.99 $5.83

Manufacture ID: 2000016467You'll always know where you're going with help from a Coleman Compass with LED Light. The compass is liquid-filled for quicker accuracy and shows eight directional reference points: N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W and NW. The...

Esee Knives

Izula Gear Compass Cards, 7 Card Set

$12.70 $6.42

Manufacture ID: COMPASS-CARDSNavigation cards designed by Randall’s Adventure & Training for use with a map and compass. Three instruction cards and four clear cards used to overlay the map to determine grid locations, azimuths and distance...

Ultimate Survival Technologies

Lensatic Compass

$5.99 $3.90

Manufacture ID: 20-310-DC45The UST Lensatic Compass is an essential tool you will want to take with you on all your outdoor adventures. This compass is super compact, so it won't take up much needed space in your bag; you can even slip it in your pocket...