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Camillus Cutlery Company

Camillus M12 Bayonet with Sheath Titanium Bonded

$46.99 $32.11

Manufacture ID: 1926912" Titanium Fixed Blade KnifeFeatures:- Titanium Bonded Stainless Steel- Tri-Edge Technology- 12 ft. 550 Paracord- Ballistic Nylon Sheath- 6" Blade- 12" Overall- Lifetime WarrantySpecifications:- Blade Length: 6"- Clip/Sheath:...

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Cold Steel

Cold Steel - Boar Spear with Secure-Ex sheath

$105.99 $55.50

Manufacture ID: 95BOASKThe Boar Spear is a modern recreation of a design that dates back to the European Renaissance. It is cold forged out of medium carbon SK-5 Steel and, like Cold Steel's other spears, is heat treated to a spring temper. The Boar...

Cold Steel

MAA European Boar Spear - 191983

$149.99 $78.54

Manufacture ID: 95MBOACold Steel MAA European Boar SpearCold Steel's European Boar Spear takes inspiration from antique Germanic hunting spears. With its characteristically broad, oversized head and twin cutting edges and pronounced double quillons it is...

Cold Steel

MAA Lance Point Spear

$84.99 $44.51

Manufacture ID: 95MLPCold Steel MAA Lance Point SpearThe Lance Point is (as its name suggests) a formidable weapon when used from horseback. Historically it was used by German, French, British and Indian cavalry troops and could punch through armor and...

Cold Steel

MAA Wing Spear

$149.99 $78.54

Manufacture ID: 95MWCold Steel MAA Winged SpearThe Winged Spear is a true product of the battlefield. Its blade is wide and sharp enough to almost double as a pole arm, while its pronounced wings can be used to trap and pin an opponent's limbs, snag his...

Cold Steel

Samburu Spear - (Black Finish)

$89.99 $67.49

Manufacture ID: 95SBEach of the Samburu spears break down into three components: The first is the spear head itself, permanently welded to a thick steel shaft. Second is the counter balancing butt spike also known as the shoe. This is used as an...

Schrade by BTI Tools

Schrade Phantom Spear Double Edged Spear Point

$127.08 $57.59

Manufacture ID: SCHSP1Schrade Phantom Spear, 3Cr13 Stainless Steel Spear Point Double Edged Blade with Blood Groove, Glass Filled Nylon Fiber Shaft with Enhanced Flexibilizer with 550 Paracord Wrapped Textured Grips with 550 Paracord Wrapped Textured...

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Cold Steel

Sure Strike - Light Pack of 3

$26.99 $14.14

Manufacture ID: 80SSC3ZEveryone likes throwing knives! The simple sport of throwing a knife is fun. And no sound is more satisfying then a thrown knife as it "thunks" and sticks a wooden target. Whether you're skilled at knife throwing or are just...

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Cold Steel

Tiger Fork - 257715

$179.99 $94.26

Manufacture ID: 95BTFTheir interpretation of this classic Martial Artists weapon features an elongated central spike to maximize its thrusting potential and inwardly curved outer forks to increase the success of trapping techniques. By deftly twisting...

Cold Steel

Two Handed Great Sword

$589.99 $296.07

Manufacture ID: 88WGSThe Two Handed Great Sword is a very large sword. But don't let its size fool you, as there is nothing awkward or clumsy about this awesome sword. Sure it's big and meant to be carried over the shoulder instead of in a scabbard, but...

CAS Hanwei

Viking Spear - Short-Bladed

$75.00 $48.16

Manufacture ID: XH2040The Viking Short Bladed Spear is typical of those of Celtic origin, imported into Scandinavia. The short blade, inherently stiffer and more resistant to bending or breaking, was capable of piercing any body armour of the period...

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