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Do-All Traps

2-Birds Double Eagle AutoTrap (90 Target Capacity)

$449.99 $441.59

Manufacture ID: DE2Do All Outdoors Double Eagle Auto Trap (DE2)The Do-All Traps Double Eagle Auto Trap features a 90-target auto feeder, aircraft-grade-aluminum arm, foot-pedal release, cycle time of less than two seconds, a unique tray-leveling system,...

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Do-All Traps

3/4 Cock Trap - Single Thrower

$229.99 $206.53

Manufacture ID: ST234Do-All traps are designed for the rigors of the busiest commercial range, yet value-priced for the weekend shooter. This model incorporates a patented 3-pivot mount, capable of throwing any target, at any angle, and at a speed that...

Do-All Traps

Aeriel Assault 5.0 with Free Wireless Remote

$399.99 $326.69

Manufacture ID: AA50The Aerial Assault 5.0 is the improved version of the iconic Aerial Assault. It comes equipped with a 50 target hopper, annodized aluminum throwing arm and wireless remote. Compatible with the Do All OutdoorsvAutomatic Wobbler, the...

Do-All Traps

Backyard Traps - Clay Hawk

$99.99 $87.48

Manufacture ID: BY34Effortless cocking that will automatically return three-quarters of the way cockedIncludes steel stabilizing ground spikesThrows all five targets as singles or stacked doublesSliding adjustable clip allows for speed and direction...

Do-All Traps

Backyard Traps - Single


Manufacture ID: BY56Will automatically return three-quarters of the way cockedThrows all five targets as singles or stacked doublesSliding adjustable clip allows for speed and direction changeTrap made with steel and aluminum materials for years of...

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Do-All Traps

Big Orange Hand Thrower

$4.99 $4.37

Manufacture ID: BOHTThe Big Orange Hand Thrower features a fitted slot for clay disks. The handle allows an easy grip and maximum hold with grooved ridges. Slip in the clay disk, cock back and throw it in the air. Give the shooter a challenge with a firm...

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Champion Traps and Targets

Champion Traps and Targets - Easybird Wobbler

$322.45 $229.73

Manufacture ID: 45324Champion's EasyBird trap throwers increase the challenge to the everyday trap enthusiast. Ideal for back-forty shooting and lengthy practice sessions with friends, the EasyBirds handle high-volume throwing with ease. The new Easybird...

Champion Traps and Targets

Champion Traps and Targets - Wheely Bird/Workhorse - Trap Cover

$26.45 $18.91

Manufacture ID: 40921The Champion Trap Cover is the perfect shield from harsh outside elements. Made with heavy duty materials, this new cover protects your trap when you're not using it. Ensure your commercial or recreational trap continues to deliver...


Clay Launcher - Standard

$6.99 $5.26

Manufacture ID: 505501The Caldwell Clay Launcher is designed to provide hours of shooting entertainment. The one piece design is simple to use and makes it easy for anyone to throw clay birds. Simply insert clay target and fling it to send the target...

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Do-All Traps

Do-All Traps - Auto Adjustable Wobbler Kit

$249.99 $231.17

Manufacture ID: AWK45The Auto Adjustable Wobbler Kit is a must have accessory for your Do-All Outdoors automatic trap. A motorized wobbler that will automatically put each target in random positions, and not a single one in the same spot twice. Now any...

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Champion Traps and Targets

Easybird Autofeed Sixpacker Trap - with Oscillating Base

$1,863.45 $1,272.75

Manufacture ID: 40912Take your shooting skill to the next level with Champions largest recreational trap. Enjoy the ability to throw numerous presentations with the Easybird Auto-Feed 6-Packer with Oscillating Base. This trap tosses clays fast and smooth...

Champion Traps and Targets

Easybird Oscillating Base

$324.45 $231.10

Manufacture ID: 40913Easybird Auto-Feed Oscillating BaseFor use on EasyBird Auto-Feed, 6-Packer and Doubles traps.Features & Benefits- Clay position moves right and left with Oscillating Base attachment- Two arc setting (45 and 34.28 degrees for ATA...

Do-All Traps

Fire Fly Auto Trap with Carry Bag

$249.99 $230.04

Manufacture ID: FF550At 27 pounds, the FireFly is the most lightweight and portable auto trap on the market. Set up only takes a few minutes and you are ready to start busting clays. With a 10 clay bird stack and integrated foot pedal launch system; the...

Do-All Traps

Fowl Play Auto Trap

$269.99 $267.98

Manufacture ID: FP25Do All's Fowl Play Auto Trap sports a 25 clay stack and fires targets up to 55 yds. Its feeder tray smoothly transfers pigeons onto the throwing arm, and target angles can be easily adjusted from 5 to 35 for a variety of shooting...

Do-All Traps

Full Cock Trap - Clay Hawk

$69.99 $59.84

Manufacture ID: CH300The affordable and innovative Clay Hawk is the family choice for clay target entertainment. This model has an easily assembled tetrahedron base for strength and stability along with long ground spikes to grip the earth. Even though...

Do-All Traps

Full Cock Trap - Competitor Transitional

$29.99 $29.87

Manufacture ID: CT101This recreational trap will throw singles, stacked doubles, or side-by-side doubles. It is constructed of heavy-duty metal materials, with durable powder coat paint. The Competitor assembles in minutes and comes with complete...

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