Lee Precision

Auto Bench Priming Tool

$36.98 $26.52

Manufacture ID: 90700Lee has done it again with the New Auto Bench Prime. Just like the standard setting Auto Prime, you never touch the primers from box to priming. Uses the same inexpensive shell holders as the Auto-Prime. No need to endlessly swap...

Lee Precision

Auto Disk - Adjustable Powder Charge Bar, Black

$9.98 $7.16

Manufacture ID: 90792The Lee Auto-Disk Adjustable Powder Charge Bar is adjustable between .28 CC and 1.6 CC allowing the reloader to develop precise charges. Each adjustment line on the thimble is .1CC. This charge bar comes packaged with a volume...

Lee Precision

Auto Disk - Powder Measure - 336229

$54.00 $38.74

Manufacture ID: 90429The Lee Pro Auto-Disk powder measure is perfect for the high volume reloader utilizing a progressive reloading press. The innovative design will not cut powder and almost totally eliminates leakage, the large hopper with shut-off...

Lee Precision

Auto Prime Ergo Prime Hand Priming Tool

$49.00 $35.15

Manufacture ID: 90250The Lee Ergo Prime Hand Priming Tool features many of the same innovative features as the Auto Prime but in a ergonomic design. The Ergo Prime has a highly sculpted body to fit reloaders hands perfectly with upgraded finger lever to...

Lee Precision

Folding Primer Tray, Package of 2

$6.00 $4.31

Manufacture ID: 90606Lee folding primer trays are designed for use with the Pro 1000, Load-Master, Safety Prime, The Auto-Prime, Ergo Prime and Auto Bench Prime. Auto-Prime & Ergo-Prime users with tools purchased earlier than 2016, the XR/Ergo Update Kit...

Lee Precision

Load Master Progressive Press Kit - .40 Smith & Wesson

$399.00 $274.25

Manufacture ID: 90940The Lee Loadmaster Progressive Press reloads both rifle and handgun cartridges with ease and enough clearance for even the largest magnum rifle cases. It can be used as an automatic indexing progressive press or as a single stage...

Lee Precision

Load-Master - Large Primer Feeder Trough Assembly, Red

$12.00 $8.60

Manufacture ID: 90383The Lee Load-Master Large Primer Feeder Trough Assembly is the perfect addition for your Load-Master press. Lee engineers made a great design change to the primer feeder so primer sliders will no longer be damaged during operation...

Lee Precision

New Auto Prime Hand Priming Tool

$28.98 $20.78

Manufacture ID: 90230The Lee New Auto Prime Hand Priming Tool is the updated version of a time tested classic. The Auto Prime has been designed to work with every brand of primer and features the patent pending "elevator pin" which safely separates a...

Lee Precision

Primer Pocket Cleaner

$2.98 $2.14

Manufacture ID: 90101The Lee Primer Pocket Cleaner is a must have accessory for your reloading bench. The Primer Pocket Cleaner is simple and easy to use, and made from steel so it will last a lifetime. It features a double ended design to clean both...

Lee Precision

Pro 1000 Progressive Press Primer Feeder Attachment

$15.00 $10.76

Manufacture ID: 90660The Lee Primer Attachment is a great accessory for your Lee Pro 1000 Press. The Primer Attachment is required to convert the Pro 1000 Progressive Press to a different primer size. The primer troughs and trays change out quickly and...

Lee Precision

Quick Change Powder Measure Drum Set

$20.00 $14.34

Manufacture ID: 90453Quick Change Drum Set can be used in conjunction with the Classic Powder Measure and the Auto Drum Powder Measure. All drums are infinitely adjustable within range. No tools are required for adjustment. A graduated adjsutment key...

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Lee Precision

XR/ERGO Folding Primer Tray Update

$10.00 $7.18

Manufacture ID: 90794Lee Auto-Prime & Ergo-Prime users with tools purchased earlier than 2016 will require this upgrade kit if you plan to use this folding primer tray with your tool. One tray is included in the package. The upgraded triangular trays...