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45 Caliber Sabots (Tan) w/40 200 Gr SST/ML (Per 20)

$15.91 $10.99

Manufacture ID: 67132This line of black powder bullets raises the bar for muzzleloading performance to a height never dreamed before. By combining the Super Shock Tip (SST) premium polymer tip with a sabot, Hornady has truly brought centerfire...


50 Caliber Sabot - w/ 44, 240 Gr, HP/XTP (Per 20)

$13.21 $9.13

Manufacture ID: 6720XTP bullets give you controlled expansion. XTP bullets expand with control to deliver deep, terminal penetration. They create large wound channels for quick, clean, one-shot kills at standard muzzleloader ranges and velocities. XTP...

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T/C Accessories

Cheap-Shot Sabot .50 Cal w/.44 240 Grain Lead Bullet

$11.00 $7.43

Manufacture ID: 17008296Cheap-Shot Sabots 50 Cal 20 Pak, 240 Grain all Lead Bullet with Mag Express Sabots. (44 Diam)Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty covers the product through the lifetime of the original purchaser, except in the case of obvious...