Iron Sights


16b Folding Leaf Rear Sight .345 To .445

$19.50 $15.82

No. 16 Folding Leaf Sight16B - .345 high, elevates to .445This open rear sight with adjustable elevation blade, is the perfect auxiliary sight for scope-mounted rifles - Folds close to the barrel when not in use - Designed to fit 3/8" dovetail slots

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Ben M1s90 M4 Post 02 Night Sight Set

$115.80 $102.45

Benelli Tru-Dot Night Sight, Green Front/Ghost Ring Rear Get the Meprolight Advantage! Description:Benelli M4, M1S90, Nova, SupernovaGreen Front/Ghost Ring RearTritium IlluminationUnequaled Low Light PerformanceBrightest Night Sights Available TodayUsed...

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