Flashlight Batteries


Epu-5200 Portable Power Pack

$55.08 $31.27

EPU-5200 Portable Power Pack Instant power for everyone on-the-go. Perfect for extended operation/scene management, traveling or whenever you need to charge your Streamlight USB rechargeable flashlights or mobile devices. It's also a flashligh to light...

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Li-ion Rechargeable Batteries - 2 Pack

$40.00 $25.22

Li-Ion Rechargeable Batteries Streamlight 18650 li-ion rechargeable batteries with micro USB charge port; includes 2 batteries (USB cords and plug adapters sold separately. Description:Includes two 18650 batteries with integrated micro USB charging...

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Mag Instrument

Mag Charger Nimh Battery Pack

$31.27 $28.86

Mag Charger NiMH Battery Pack Description:34% more storage and capacity than the NiCd battery pack it replacesRequires full charge cycleIt will work with ANY and EVERY Mag Charger flashlight and charger, regardless of when they were made

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Surefire Magazines

Surefire Cr123a Lithium Batteries 12pk

$24.95 $24.29

SureFire 123A Lithium Batteries Optimized for use in SureFire flashlights, SureFire lithium batteries pack a lot of power into a small package. And unlike alkaline batteries SureFire high-performance lithium batteries boast a ten-year shelf life, which...