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Apache Bow Sling, Camouflage

$24.99 $15.37

Manufacture ID: 60-780The versatile apache bow sling features a "1 second release-to-shoot" capability. With two quick-disconnect fasteners, a Hunter can simply release the top disconnect, aim .. and shoot. The apache bow sling is quiet, lightweight and...

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Ravin Crossbows

Crossbow Shoulder Sling, Neoprene, Black

$44.99 $35.06

Manufacture ID: R260The Ravin Shoulder Sling protects your cams, cables and strings while moving to and from a stand or scanning the terrain with your binoculars. This padded non-slip, removable shoulder sling is a must for the mobile hunter...

Wicked Ridge

Wicked Ridge Neoprene Sling (w/1 CUB)-Black


Manufacture ID: WRA004The Wicked Ridge Neoprene Crossbow Sling with CUB Unloading Bolt has a extra strong 1.25-inch wide shoulder strap with an elastic band for holding Crossbow Unloading Bolts (CUB). This makes the perfect addition to your crossbow to...

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