Dummy Cartridges/Blanks


.22 Short - Noise Blank Ammunition, Per 100

$17.95 $14.29

Manufacture ID: 44CCI's ammunition is great for sports from small game hunting to casual plinking. CCI combined rimfire priming compound with select propellants so you get very little residue. Features:- Bullet Type: BlankSpecifications:- Caliber: 22...

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22 LR Plastic Safety Snap Caps (Per 24)

$11.50 $7.36

Manufacture ID: 03200Packed in handy 24 packs, these Pachmayer snap caps are precisely molded from a resilient polymer for many safe, damage-free hammer drops. After extensive experimentation and testing, these snap caps tough, polymer snap caps are...

Winchester Ammo

22 Short - Super-X, Black Powder Blank, Loud Noise, Per 50

$11.95 $9.71

Manufacture ID: X22SBBlack powder blanks for .32 or .38 caliber training revolvers and starter pistols. Standard black powder blank, visible smoke.Specifications:- Caliber: 22 Short- Type: Blank- Quantity: Per 50Warranty: Warranted against manufacturers...

Winchester Ammo

38 Special - Blank, Black Powder, Loud Noise, Per 50

$50.95 $44.29

Manufacture ID: 38SBLPNo matter which Winchester ammunition you choose, when you load up with Winchester, you're getting precision technology, the highest quality components, optimum reliability and superior performance.Specifications:- Caliber: 38...

Fiocchi Ammo

Blanks - 22LR (Per 200)

$34.80 $24.70

Manufacture ID: 22LRBLFiocchi blanks are very useful or re-enactments, ceremonies, training exercises and hunting dog training. They will give you the noise and realism of conventional ammunition without the projectile.Specifications:- Type: Blank-...

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Dummy Rounds - 17 HMR, Per 6

$11.20 $7.26

Manufacture ID: 12202A-Zoom 17 HMR (Hornady Mag Rimfire)Action Proving Dummy Rounds are designed to teach safe firearms handling. They are not snap caps. They may be worked through the actions of any 17 HMR firearm for function testing. Dry firing will...