10887519_10205829781928619_735005150748141342_oI went ahead and went a little overboard for tactical Tuesday this week and made two videos.  If you are regular follower of our blogs and videos I do what I can to make this quick and to the point.  However that was nearly impossible with today’s topic

I recently attended a 5 Day Tactical Tracking class with TYR Group led by John Hurth in Louisiana.  The instructors of Nature Reliance School have never pretended that we know it all.  Personally I think it is a hallmark of our training, we are constantly striving to learn more about all aspects of outdoorsmanship. So in that regard we regularly train with other instructors to improve our craft.

No topic is more along those lines than tracking.  Personally for me, tracking is one of those things that you can never study enough.  With that in mind Tracy Trimble and myself made a 14 hour track to bayou country to study with John.  I made two videos after the trip.  In the first one I offer some thoughts on the class, as well as a few pictures that were taken.  In the second video, I show you nearly all the gear I used.

Particularly with the gear reviews, always feel free to ask me questions about something you want more information on.  Some of the gear I use is time-tested over a lifetime, other stuff is brand new to me and I am checking it out for companies and providing feedback to both them and you.

Again, be forewarned these videos are a bit longer than my normal quick tips each day.  The gear review alone is over 20 minutes long.  Your time is important and valuable and I appreciate that you take some of it and use it to watch our videos.   Thanks in advance for watching and please let us know if you have any questions.

First here is a link to John’s Book, Combat Tracker

Class Review:

Gear Review (see below the review for links to this gear, as always if  you use these links a small portion comes to us and allows us to keep giving free stuff away on Fridays):

Camp Gear:

Traing Gear:

Thanks again for watching, we certainly it.  Let us know if you have any further questions about our experience in the class or any of the gear I used.

Come on, join in, let’s learn together!

Ccraig1raig Caudill is the director of Nature Reliance School.  He has taught a range of people ranging from military operators, to little old grannies down the street.  He has an active online school at Dan’s Depot and teaches lengthy classes and short workshops in several states on the topics of survival, preparedness and nature awareness.  Do a google search on “Craig Caudill survival” to see what we mean.  You can follow him on Facebook and Twitter.  Please consider subscribing to the youtube channels at Dan’s Depot and Nature Reliance School to learn more and varied lessons


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