For nearly two years we have been vigorously searching for one of our most requested items, the Swiss Volcano Stove. We love this item because it combines a canteen, a cup, and stove in a nice compact all-in-one product.


All of the stoves that we found for the past two years looked a lot more like this…


So the good news is that we found some stoves in Excellent condition, but the bad news is that we only have a little over 100. So we are going to give our Dan’s Underground members the first opportunity to purchase these stoves before the sale goes public. If you are interested, sign up below to join Dan’s Underground.


Sign up below to be the first to get this deal!

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52 Responses

  1. James

    Ah just kidding go ahead and delete both my comments. I got confused and thought the “leave a reply” was part of the membership process.

  2. Ma M

    Yes, want a bunch of these, depending upon the price, to give away as Christmas presents as that is the only time anything “survival” will be accepted!!

  3. Joseph

    Always interested in vintage survival equipment. Looks like it could be very useful while backpacking in the Adirondacks.

  4. Allen F

    I would love to have a couple of these for bug out bags. Please let me know how much and how to get them.

  5. David Nelson

    I am a scout leader, would love to get my scouts into more rouging’ it camping!

  6. Patty Roberts

    I agree with MaM…my family is the same way..but I don’t need a whole bunch, just a couple. That would be wonderful to be able to have those…Thank you bunches!

  7. Liz Stallings

    Definitely interested. Saw one once a long time ago and wanted to find one. Thanks for your diligent search.

  8. Frank Tessier

    Been looking for decent one for a couple years now. Nice score.

  9. Brent Lykins

    If there are any volcano stoves left I would like to buy 2 .

  10. Don Don

    These are great! I won one long ago from one of Dan’s earlier contest or even the old point system I can’t remember, but it was an awesome tools for survival….(canteen, cup and stove in one, adding a bag for these is a great idea to contain the soot from cooking in the base or be sure to have something to polish them a little so they don’t get all over the stuff in your pack), when I saw these I jumped at the chance to get more! Got mine and they look darn near new! Please let me know when you get more!!!


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