downloadWe have some good news and some bad new with this week’s giveaway.  A really good magazine that has been serving the self-reliance community for quite a while now has decided that they are going to close up shop.

I was fortunate enough to write several articles for Self-Reliance Illustrated, as well as collaborate with my wife on a regular “column” on the topic of edible plants, we called it “Eatin’ weeds with Craig and Jennifer”.  The SRI staff was a pleasure to work with.  The thing I liked most about SRI is that it is one of few magazines that did not sensationalize and/or over- the-top commercialize the survival industry.  Pick up any number of magazines available today and just look at the covers and you will see what I am talking about.

SRI was always full of down-to-earth folks who simply wanted to share what was going on in their world of preparedness.  We were not the best writer’s in the industry, and I really liked that about us.  Again, just simply sharing of skills.

The good news about all this is contained in the following video that I put together.  Watch it and follow the directions below it to get in the running to win all SRI issues for free!

All you need to do to get in the running is write in the blog comments/reply area below the following:

  • List a topic that you would like to see an extended article on that you have not seen me do.  My blog pieces here are always quick and to the point, which is by design and on purpose.  I am very happy to put a lengthy one together.

We will pick one winner next Friday to receive the download.

That is it!  We are always looking for ways to give back to the community that supports and follows our videos and blog pieces…This is one of those ways.  You will be helping us to make sure we get the topics covered you are looking for, we will be offering this (and future) giveaways as a thank you for ALL your support!

craig1Craig Caudill is the director of Nature Reliance School.  He has taught a range of people ranging from military operators, to little old grannies down the street.  He has an active online school at Dan’s Depot and teaches lengthy classes and short workshops in several states on the topics of survival, preparedness and nature awareness.  Do a google search on “Craig Caudill survival” to see what we mean.  You can follow him on Facebook and Twitter.  Please consider subscribing to the youtube channels at Dan’s Depotand Nature Reliance School to learn more and varied lessons.



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157 Responses

    • Robert

      Sorry to see the magazine go, darn shame. I still enjoy reading just about anything regarding wilderness survival. Being an ole, broke down brush ape myself, I have found that although I have 65 years experience, I still have lots to learn. How about using a new fangled GPS with a map and compass? Taking a posititon on a GPS and finding it on a map? As in someone has a radio and request help at this specific grid point. How do you use the features on a GPS to easily tell someone where you are?

    • Dean

      I would like a long video on surviving a community set-up temp shelter. One for let’s say, a wide power outage where you have to move temporally into a school gym.
      1) How to set up a safety zone for you and your family.
      2) What to bring in your Bug Out Bag.
      3) How to leave your house, will it be safe?

  1. Tera Farley

    After hearing you talk about writing articles about wild edibles, I’d love to see a longer peice done on them. I have been trying to learn more about wild edibles here in West Virginia. I know different regions vary, but maybe that Kentucky blue grass, can be found here as well lol. Thanks for the opportunity Craig, always learn so much from your posts and videos!!!

  2. Mike

    I am new to your channel so I don’t know if you’ve covered this or not, but I would like instruction as to how to build an effective root cellar. I built what I thought was going to be a great root cellar only to find I was another victim of root cellar failure. Didn’t figure 2 feet of dirt on top of a concrete structure wouldn’t give me a consistant temperature!

      • Vassie H Ennis

        Yes Sir I did, and thank you very much. I appreciate the time you put into your videos and the knowledge you pass on. Keep doing what you do, and once again, thank you Craig.

  3. Nicole Derosier

    I would like to see a video on how to layer effectively or more on edibles in the wild.

  4. George Stewart

    Please talk about the type of shotgun that would be good for survival, hunting and home defense.

  5. Jeanne Kirk

    I have watched you cover about every subject there is about survival. The videos that I found most interesting was about your how to avoid active shooter situations and how to avoid a carjacking . It has helped me look around my situations from where and how I park (even at work) to blending in and staying out of the center of places. I would love more scenarios and situations or best options for blending in and going unnoticed.

  6. Utah Nichols

    I would love to see something about North American (USA) Edible Mushrooms. Like showing and listing different ones and preparations and even the ones that are only good for teas. Thanks for the time!!

  7. Paul

    I would like to see something that dealt with the reality of what a long-term Bug-out to the wilderness would truly involve. I’m afraid that many folks have a romantic idea of what it would be like that is not at all based in fact. Thank you for all that you do!

  8. Charles Rice

    I’d like to see a more lengthy article on wild edibles, maybe something that covers several wild edibles and could be printed off for reference?

  9. peter wehrmeyer

    Is it possible to contact a mixed bag of people in the prep community, to get Region- Specific forage and plant help? Dave is KY, you’re in Indiana, but I’m in N. Cali, so all I know is the Oh-IN-KY triangle I grew up in. I could not get overland here, if I had to. I know none of the edibles.

    • regulator5

      Peter, I’d have to dig but look for books on the Native population and their food for Northern Cali. They lived there long before supermarkets were thought of.

  10. Dave

    On the topic of tactical, related to the building of a house. Preferred placement of windows and doors on the perimeter or even layouts.

  11. Eric Ridenour

    I’d love to see you do an artical on canning and proper food storage. Love the videos.

  12. Call Me Mom

    Knowing that bugs are surprisingly high in calories, I would like to see some info on how to prep various kinds of bugs. Are they better raw or cooked?

  13. Rich Schwartz

    Was wondering if you have ever done a comparison between bank line and kevlar thread.

  14. Vicki Schaaf

    Caches – how, where, what to put inside & concealment.
    Would love to receive the Self Reliance magazine downloads. More to share with our CERT group.

  15. Daniel Nowell

    Foraging by season
    Winter shelters (natural shelters)
    More on the psychology of survival (solo, surviving with loved ones/kids)
    Passing on essential skills to the next generation (how to get kids excited and involved with the outdoors – projects, trips etc)

  16. Everett Courtney

    I would love to see you address the similarities and differences in wilderness/urban survival. What parts of what we refer to as “bush craft” are pertinent to a urban survival situation? If a true, long term scenario should play out, not everyone can bug out to the wilderness.

  17. mike tyree

    How about dental emergencies in the field? I don’t think the topic is discussed enough when compared to 1st Aid.

  18. Charles Douglas

    I would like to see an article on how to convince your spouse. The importance of preparing

  19. Nadir

    Would love to learn more on wild plants, edible kinds and medicinal properties as well as how to use them ie. Topical or ingestion.

  20. MichaelDubya

    Being a active Boy Scout for several decades I find your blog/videos informative and useful. Often pass on links, epically to adult new to the outdoors. Noticed a reply mentioning First Aid, I agree. Some people can take a first aid course and not know how to adapt to a situation that was not “covered” in their lesson.

  21. Monica McFadden

    I would like to see more tips on how to stay warm when lost with out any provisions.

  22. Bryce Stenholm

    Radiological protection and perseverence. Chemical or biological attacks and how to survive as learned from past occurences and wgat the new threats in this arena may be.

  23. Brett Lincoln

    As mentioned above, I would like to see a more in-depth overview of wild edibles. Specifically in the North eastern US. Also, any medical properties of herbs, etc. Thanks for the good info.

  24. Tammy

    I can’t think of anything you haven’t covered, but maybe more on sourcing food of all kinds.

  25. Shareen Mioskowski

    How to go unnoticed cooking or warming after bugging out from others outdoors.

  26. Michael Brady

    How about something on organizing an overnight (RON) survival test with friends, relatives to test gear? Might be fun!

  27. David

    I would like to see something on getting started with home emergency preparations; what should be in a home and car emergency stash in your basement and car trunk.

  28. Sondra Crowley

    I would like to see items to have on hand to barter with that most people wouldn’t think of. and also raising children in a prepping lifestyle

  29. mike eckert

    one of the most impoprtant things to me is how to get your extended family together safely at your safe place. because we are not all together at all times ie. work , school, life….maybe a framework on how to get everyone accounted for and once they are there a minor list on who does what…..

  30. Steve Stavlo

    Tips on staying dry/ drying out wet clothes without losing to much body heat.

  31. James Johnson

    Building materials in the woods for latchings, snares, climbing/repelling etc.

  32. Austin Q.

    I too would like to see a more in depth piece on wild edibles. Keep up the great work!

  33. Rip Linton

    Something in depth on proper preservation of different food supplies while in the wilderness and away from conventional power and shelter.

  34. Vicky Goulet

    I’m fairly new to your blog, so just about anything would be beneficial to me and my family, which includes pets. So, maybe something pet related… Thanks much and I thoroughly enjoy your newsletter. It gets me thinking about everyday scenarios that could happen and how to be prepared for them, as well. 🙂

  35. Nathan Keuneke

    As a father of young children I’m always interested in articles on morale maintenance in emergency situations.

  36. Ronald Rroadex

    I would love to see more about wild edible and medicinal herbs, complete with illustrations/photos, and preparation ideas/uses.

    Another idea I would like to see would be an article on lashings, and some ideas on how they are used. From rafts to towers, and things in between,

  37. Todd Helmkamp

    Axes. Selecting an axe, care, safe use, tips for using effectively, etc. Thanks!

  38. Greg Hemsoth

    An article on covering the basics, step-by-step, of preparing meat
    in an outdoor environment Summer and Winter from the hunting (trapping/killing) and preparation of meat through the cooking AND all done in an operational awareness setting, so as not to attract 2 or 4 leg predators!

  39. Connie Barrier

    I’d love to see articles on how to’s ; plantings /transplanting/propagation of these wild edibles/medicinals into other areas for future use, processing of plants to concoctions, decoctions, tinctures, etc. and starting your own (interactive..?) program through perhaps?

  40. M Klein

    My daughter heads up a college wilderness trips and would love any PDF from Reliance.

  41. Emory Alexander

    I would like to hear your thoughts on the new youth scouting program called Trail Life USA, as well as some ideas for troop meeting activities/skill lessons. Thank you.

  42. Max

    Not sure if you’ve covered it, but I would definitely be interested in learning how to build shelter in different environment and terrains with minimum forest coverage: desert/mountain/valley. Thank you.

  43. Jennifer M

    I’d like to see something on finding and building alliances. I feel like I am the only person in my area who is concerned about this and that I will be all alone against the roaming hordes if/when something happens.

  44. Dennis

    I’d like to see something on preserving game in the wild or perhaps on how to tan hides easily.

  45. Paul Fein

    Perhaps you have covered this. My interest is how to find/obtain water in the desert southwest (Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas) in a desert survival situation.

  46. J-dig

    Great content Craig. Love the contest and hoping I win. I absolutely agree about SRI and love the magazine.

    As far as topics: would love to see you cover any of the following ideas.
    • Tracking and counter tracking (very helpful for staying safe during a bug out especially if being pursued by threat full force) including evading pursuers
    • Austere / off grid medical – an interview with a combat medic on how they improvise in the field, most common environmental injuries and/on violent environment injuries.
    • Executive protection – as being critical skills to keeping your family safe while on the move – bug out, moving through urban environment, etc.

  47. Mark

    Many of the important topics have been very well covered, I’d like to see more on preserving wild game/fish and canning fruits and vegetables.

    • Fizzlecat

      First of all, buy a Ball Blue Book. They are usually available anywhere canning supplies are sold. Look it over- it describes methods in detail that are safe and easy to understand. Even has step by step illustrated how-tos. It even includes tested recipes. Once you’ve decided the type methods and foods you are interested in canning, THEN you are ready to purchase either a boiling water-bath canner ( less expensive, but not for low-acid foods or meats!) or a pressure canner. Many people are intimidated by a pressure canner, but if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions and take the required precautions, they are very safe. They can be quite expensive, but I would shy away from buying used/yardsale/flea market finds until you were familiar with using them, to make sure all parts are present and in working order. Cared for, they will last just about forever. Make sure your jars are in good shape, and free from cracks, nicks and chips, especially around the rim- you want a good vacuum seal. If you use two piece lids, bear in mind, you can re-use the rings indefinitely, as long as they’re not bent or rusty, but the lids with the seals can only be used once. They cannot be trusted to seal properly again. Tattler makes a re-usable lid that can be used indefinately, but there is a bit of a learning curve with them, so use the metal ones until you get comfortable with your results. Then use only a couple of Tattlers per canner load to see how they work. That way, if they don’t seal properly (you didn’t hold your tongue just right when applying them! ) you don’t lose the whole canner load! Hope this is helpful. Been doing this for decades! There is nothing that makes you feel more proud than seeing colorful home-canned jars of fresh fruits and veggies on the shelf- I call them “kitchen jewelry!” Makes me feel richer than all the money in the world! Good luck!

      • mike eckert

        i do a fair amount of canning probably 200 to 300 jars a year and i use the 2 part lids. the ball book is my canning bible and i do everything from spaghetti sauce to jams and jellys and veggies and have never failed when i go by the book. even won a few ribbons at the state fair with my jams with a recipe from the book…….and i agree information is the key

  48. Pamela Summers

    I would love to see more information about packing the correct medical supplies in our emergency kits.

  49. DanO

    Could you share something about food preservation for the long winter months – especially for us in the more northern states?

  50. Dr. Ron Goldstein

    Tx for the head’s up
    I went online and purchased it so if I didn’t win – I have it anyway

  51. Vanessa Justice

    So sorry to hear of this magazine folding up… no pun intended… 😉 I am trying to gather as much information about sheltering in, should self-reliance in a small, southern, cash-strapped, industrial city (Hopewell, VA) become an issue. I’m working…albeit slowly… on an herbalist certification via David Christopher’s school (School of Natural Healing) and we are trying our best to garden and store stuff from our own clay soil corner in our city… so, I guess I’d like to find information on sheltering in and protecting my own without calling attention to my corner lot…. should it all go downhill… Thanks.

  52. Greg Schrock

    I’d love to see an article on treating people in shock in an emergency situation.

  53. mark zahniser

    Two ideas hammock camping and preserving food in the field,love your articles !

  54. Everette Roseberry

    I would love more detailed information on aquaponics for home, small spaces, apartments and even mobile dwellings. So much is available but hard to pull it together .

  55. Robert

    I have been following you guys for a short period of time and enjoyed each and every article and video. But I wonder if you have done anything on how to determine a good bug out location. I have several in mind and I guess I am not comfortable with when to go and where to go based upon a given situation. Is that to difficult or too general?

    • regulator5

      The biggest parameter would be what are you “bugging out” from?

      Most disasters do not require you to bug out. I have linked several threads on bugging in in reply to comments above.

      While thi thread is based on the “bug out bag” itself, it offers some insights on what to think about when you are making your decision for leaving your secure home.

      Just a basic outline of what I looked for when determining exact properties to consider purchasing;

      -available water

      -available land for a garden

      -could I have livestock easily

      -what’s the ground water table for a basement or root cellar

      -is a shelter on site or do ou plan on constructing one? Long term or short term?

      – travel routes? Is there a primary transportation route nearby? Even if an evet happens that causes vehicles to not work, the majority of people will still travel by main highway and interstate routes because this is habit.

      I invite you to the forums and open a discussion on this topic. With the depth and breadth of the membership, you will have lots of information and tips to consider when making your plans. Unless your home is completely unfeasible to prepare and/or defend, sheltering in place and investing in “off grid” home improvements will probably be your soundest investment. Just my opinion base on general aspects and data.

  56. Chuck Ballard

    Practical organization for a bugout situation. You have just been told that you have to evacuate your house because of (forest fire, chemical spill, hostage situation, et. al.) How should you be organized to be able to respond to this situation. For example, you might have a bugout bag, but does it have X days of your medicines to support you until you can get more? It is the kind of nitty-gritty details like this that I find are missing in most advice on this subject.

  57. Duane Larson

    I would like to see a comprehensive article on alternative natural treatments to illnesses requiring prescription medications, such as antihistamines, antibiotics, insulin, diuretics, etc.

  58. RichardSitz

    I would like to see a video on how to make a homemade still and how to test the quality of alcohol. Of course this would only be for medical purposes only!

  59. Devildog

    I would like to see some urban specific skills training. How to get water from improved wells, or how to find shelter with no trees available. And especially really cold weather survival skills. i.e. 25 below zero with high winds in the frozen plains

  60. Josh Robb

    Loved Sri I had a subscription for the first 12 MO of the magazine and loved it. Would love to read all that I missed. I would like to see you guys cover the best tools for dense Bush in a summer time environment like what we get here in eastern Oklahoma. Thanks can’t wait

  61. John

    I’d like to see an article on your normal stuff like any gear, clothing, etc. but, geared toward the disabled. I know this may be tough but, it is a concern. Thank you and GOD bless

  62. doctordon

    (Edit this as you see fit to place on the site) All subjects suggested I have seen on yours or various other sites. Regulator5 is on top of their game in citing all of the previous references. This can only be touched upon by you, and will requiring you do some learning and digging yourself, but you have never discussed the aspect of dealing with the mental and emotional stresses and traumas in a SHTF situation. I am referencing the emotional freedom technique, or what I touched upon in Advanced. We will need a way to keep our families and support groups focused, on any bad situation be it earthquake, tornado, etc., and we need to also consider the huge number of citizens that are medicated on anti – depressants, – psychotics and -anxiety meds. EFT can be easily learned, but needs to be practiced before needed. has some excellent info on the subject. Good luck. Thanks for all you are doing – I haven’t drawn my pocket pistol the same since your great article. I always include a Woody from Toy Story “Reach for the skyyyyyyyyy!”

    • regulator5

      We do have a few threads dealing with morale and other mental health topics on the forums. Quite often, they are mixed into other discussions dealing with particular events and how mental health is something to be watchful for and expecting. We do try to cover this in our discussions on the forums but we did not/do not have a mental health professional as part of our Family. One (AF31) is in school for this very topic but school keeps him away from the forums at present.

      Thank you for bringing this important subject to this thread as well.

      For those looking, there are several sites and books that offer herbal medicines to help with mental health issues, St John’s Wort for depression for example.

  63. Mike

    I really enjoy your channel. Is there a way for me to purchase the PDF? I went to the Self Reliance website and didn’t see it. Thanks

  64. Rick

    Don’t like the risks of urban survival after hearing from my friend who survived starving hunting in nazi held Paris.

    My thoughts go to “I’m trapped where I live now in a hi population red zone”. Low visibility trapping, with live catch traps possibly? Ways to keep game alive and later prepare feral rabbit, rat, bird, snake, and other “game”?
    Those who did it remember. Hope I do not need this in the future.
    Every bit of know how from any of you is appreciated.

  65. Jim

    I like to mix new world and the old ways but something I haven’t seen you dabble with is solar powering of small electronics and solar ovens.

  66. Dan

    would love to learn more about fire starting material. I live in the pacific northwest and sometimes things are all wet ( the price we pay for having it green all year) I have seen material for starting fires, but would like to know other options to look for. I feel fire is the most secure feeling when out and about in the wild. Thank You.

  67. Robert Hobbs

    An article on compass/map use in conjunction with GPS would be really cool. Thanks for your hard work and generosity.

  68. Momma Kathy

    I want to learn how to use a compass with a map, yes. But, I need it to be on a very in-depth level. I’ve never been trained, let alone properly trained.
    Ok, I’m getting up there in years, like 70, and would like an in-depth video explanation of using a compass to find direction.
    Here is the kicker….. if you know where you are, then you’re not lost. So how to find your way to a specified area if you have no way of knowing where you are. What good is a compass and map?

  69. Nickie B

    How about bugging out with young children? It’s going to be hard if SHTF when it comes to bugging out with kids, etc..

  70. Carli Wynne

    I have not read your stuff, but it looks great and I plan on perusing it!! Would love to win this to add to my self -reliance library. I am interested in homesteading, firearms, off grid medical care, self-reliance.

  71. Terry

    I would like to here more on hardening the home defending the home and bugging in.
    Thanks for the great vids. very informative.

  72. Terry Jakushevich

    I would like to see how to set up snares for small game with simple items, e.g. String, rope, sticks, etc.

  73. regulator5

    Lots of great comments and thoughts folks.

    We have the forum that helps fill in the subjects with comments from many People and partners with Craig on his blogs.

    I invite you to join our Family on the forums. We have threads covering several subjects and they are a combination of questions and answers from many very intelligent and respectable members who come from a wide and diverse background and experiences.

    We have former law enforcement, paramedics, Veterans, security, homemakers, parents, teens, factory workers, construction workers, ranches, software engineers, IT pros, etc. In other words, our Family mimics every family and neighborhood out here.

    Our members range from the rainy northwest to the arid southwest. The hurrcane prone southeast to the blizzard prone northeast and everywhere in between… along with some from other Nations who also wish to be self reliant and help others.

    We all have 1 thing in common, we are all students of preparedness and invite you to “Come on, join in and let’s learn together”.

  74. Cliff Gann

    How about some info on how to put together a “go-bag” for HAM radio operators?

  75. Mike P

    It is unfortunate and a loss to us to see this magazine come to an end.
    Could you please direct us on how to acquire the back issues electronically? You mentioned it was less than $5.00 which is crazy cheap. Please give us the website and information to buy it ourselves and help them out as they close out. Thanks….. Keep preparing!

  76. Lee Marsili

    Would be nice hate to see it go. I had not heard about it before I saw it on one of ir videos and just yesterday bought a suscription. So I gyess ill have too see about getting and refund or using ito buy some pdfs


  77. Robert Richardson Jr

    I would like to see an indepth article on Psychological preparation for survival and SHTF

  78. April G

    I would be very interested in an in-depth article on Economical Planning for Surviving SHTF in Suburbia. For those of us who don’t have a huge budget, a huge house, any acreage, can’t afford a BOL or even a BOV, and know that “living off the land” is a fantasy. What should our priorities be for planning to live long-term after “the Collapse?” Including mental, emotional, and spiritual preps to help combat “normalcy bias.” Love to see some new insights on this topic!

  79. Jonathan Callahan

    Like others am sorry to see the magazine go .
    I’ve only seen a dozen or so of your videos and enjoyed them all and learned something from almost all of them . Keep up the good work . Thanks for your time and effort .
    I guess if I was to have to choose a subject for further videos on it would be foraging and identifying wild edibles and medicinals ,and how to prep them .

  80. Bill Ross

    Love all the articles but there is always a need for medical topics . We will never know everything so new topics is always a bonus.

  81. Dave D.

    People don’t realize how much water you go through in a single day, how many things it’s used for and how important it is.
    How about how to drill a well and collect and store water from multiple sources.

  82. dave

    How about more information on basic sewing skills for repairing clothing and gear? Start with easy stuff like threading and tying off stitches, different kinds of stitches and threads, etc.

  83. David Woodbury

    Keeping track of time (and date) in a world without electric power and after all supplies of batteries have been exhausted — how can a household do it? I’ve done some rudimentary preparation. I have had a family heirloom 1910-era Seth Thomas mantle clock professionally rebuilt, I’ve obtained a solid pocket watch with a 17-jewel Swiss movement, and I have a printed sunset table for my longitude, useful because there is a perfect horizon right out my front windows. Coordinating with motivated neighbors would help too. How would you view this topic?

  84. TJ Roper

    I would like to see something about the mental preparation for dealing with negative human interactions in a survival situation. I recently learned that I was not prepared for negative interaction with other people that may not have the best intentions. I understand that skills are important but if you do not have the opportunity to use them because you have been taken advantage of, it does not matter what you know.

    Thank you for your dedication

  85. David I Nelson

    I never fail to learn from the VIDEOs.
    Thanks for all your efforts!!!

  86. SteelWolf

    You’re in the middle of no where. For me thats a forest in Idaho.
    For what ever reason, plane crash, adultnaping, kidnaping, broken down vehicle, you are there. How do you get home and survive along the way? Signal fire?

  87. 6wolf

    How about more on bugging in and home preparednes. As a law enforcement officer you have inspired me to put together a prepardnes class for police and others.

  88. Fizzlecat

    Something that I’ve been concerned about is this: we have a small farm on which we raise goats. We also have a good number of chickens, rabbits, a horse and a donkey. We have two large Great Pyrenees dogs as livestock guardians and watchdogs. I have often wondered, in a survival situation, how would be the best way to go about feeding them, without their having to eat the very livestock they are there to protect, short of stocking huge stockpiles of dry dog food that would be prone to spoilage due to the fat content, or attracting rodents? Any ideas? Has anyone had any suggestions on this? Please enter me in the giveaway. I am an “information junkie” and this would last me quite awhile! Thank you for what you do!

  89. Mike Kirk

    Craig, I would like to see a tips video on “setting up you house/property ” to be fortified in a SHTF situation and/or putting together a team to help you protect yourself and your supplies.

  90. Catherine

    I would love more information on staying put with small children and keeping my sanity! Also want to enter the giveaway!


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