2014-06-02_0739So I must admit, that this is a big one for me.  I have some serious problems with following proper nutritional guidelines.  I am very lazy when it comes to nutrition, I grab what is convenient and fast.  I am in essence committing slow suicide.  I have noticed that there a lot of people out there like me in this regard.  We are preparing for events, and we do not have the proper nutrition that will help us be ready when it occurs, nor after if it is a long term event.  Recognizing this in my self, is what prompted me to do this series.  Iwanted to educate myself and others in this regard.  It is my hope that it will help change many of us for the better.  Just following Dr. Jones recommendations for two weeks have left me 7 pounds lighter, and feeling much better in all that I do.   If you are out of shape, a smoker, or simply just not taking care of yourself…then you are simply lying to yourself if you think you are ready for a long term event.  Do something about it today.  Follow the suggestions in all of these blogs and videos to help develop a new you. 




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