marlin papooseI have enjoyed immensely shooting this little rifle that my father-in-law gave to my wife nearly 20 years ago.

I have always been leery of breakdown rifles simply because the connecting point seems to be a point of weakness in many of them.  Not so in this little Marlin Papoose.  It goes together smoothly, easily and without an opportunity to cross thread itself.

This weapon is a very accurate little rifle and I have shot hundreds and hundreds of rounds through it both hunting and simply plinking around with it.

Here are some specs on this fun little gun..

  • Disassembled length:  21 inches
  • Assembled length:  35 inches
  • Weight:  3.25 lbs
  • Standard magazine:  7 rounds (other mags available for purchase)
  • Open rear sight and ramp front sight

Check out this little video where I share some more info and  I show you how well it shot.

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5 Responses

  1. Bushcrafter

    Had a very early model, the action to stock fit was quite sloppy, a problem rectified in later permutations. Recently purchased a 1022 TD.. Have probably run 250 rds through it, a sweet little rifle for sure!

  2. Bushcrafter

    Hey Dan, I got the “Survival Bug” the same way you did but from a WW2 era copy of “How to Survive on Land and Sea by Frank and John Craighead. still in print, check it out! Worth the price of admission for sure!

  3. Ralph

    “Where” can I get larger mags? I’ve had mine for over 25 years.

  4. Jeremy

    I grew up shooting a Marlin Model 60 with a seenteen round tubular magazine semi-automatic and it was the best .22 caliber Rifle for the Value that I’ve ever owned – Always shot True and never jammed on me either. A great gun all around the Farm. My dad took me down to our local K-Mart back in the day and we purchased it for under sixty dollars.

  5. Dale Fish

    I have one too, and need a front site for it. Any suggestions?


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