We get a lot of folks asking what we have been up to for the last 6 months. So here is a quick update with some exciting news.

Online Retail Opening Soon!

shoppingcartIt’s been over a year since we have had our online store open for business. So we are excited to get things going again. We love selling survival gear.  We just weren’t happy with the quality of the products available through our distributors. Over the past year we have found better distributors and partners to work with. So you can expect high quality gear at affordable prices.





Faster Shipping


Dan’s Depot is a small, family run business. We love to keep our customers happy, but sometimes we would get swamped with orders. We have streamlined our shipping process, and now we ship faster then ever. Even if things get crazy, we are able to scale the process to match the order volume.


Gear Reviews and Giveaways

esee knives

Our readers let us know how much they love our gear reviews and giveaways. We want to continue doing those and do them more often.





Survival Training

Survival Training

Survival training has been key to our business since we started, and we don’t plan to stop anytime soon.  Craig Caudill from Nature Reliance School plans to continue his long relationship with us. You can expect Craig to pop in from time to time with great content and offer expert gear reviews.




Family Focus


It seems like every week there is some new TV show about self-reliance that promotes a lone wolf mentality. That all you need is a bug-out-bag and a Bear Grylls knife, and you can survive almost anything. That’s not what we promote at Dan’s Depot. We believe that the best way to prepare for any disaster is to build a tribe. A tribe could be family, friends, or any group of people who decide to work together for their survival. Our goal is to help you know how to build your tribe and how that tribe can thrive in any survival situation. On our website we will refer to this new section as the Dan’s Family.

Thanks for being part of the Dan’s Depot community. We look forward to these exciting new changes in the upcoming weeks.


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  1. Owen murphy

    Where can I get ahold of an Adirondack or Appalachian pack. Amazon says there out and not sure if they’ll get more

    • dansdepot

      Hi Owen, they are currently out of stock. Sorry about that. We are working on our own line of packs and they should be released soon.


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