_MG_0445Everyone likes a good knife giveaway and certainly we want to be there for you my friend.  This knife today is a specialized knife from Blind Horse Knives.  Yeah, I said Blind Horse not Battle Horse.  I actually got this knife some time ago in a trade and have been using it since.  It was brand new when I received it, and I have put a couple of years of use into it.

Here are some basics for it:

  • Similar to a Nessmuk style_MG_0450
  • Modified Trailing Point
  • 1/8″ O1 Tool Steel
  • about 4 1/4″ blade and slightly larger handle
  • Black with green micarta handle
  • Leather sheath w/ fire steel loop and dangler

In this video I tell you about my experiences with it.  Below the video you will find the way in which to possbily win this knife for free.  Come on, join in, let’s learn together!

Sooooo, to be in the running for this knife all you need to do is the following:

That is it…we try to be transparent about it all.  We give good equipment away, you help us get the word out.  Thanks for being a part of it all!

For further info on the companies mentioned and their new offerings check out:

 LT Wright Knives, or Battle Horse Knives or I have some of each, they are great quality blades.

Ccraig1raig Caudill is the director of Nature Reliance School.  He has taught a range of people ranging from military operators, to little old grannies down the street.  He has an active online school at Dan’s Depot and teaches lengthy classes and short workshops in several states on the topics of survival, preparedness and nature awareness.  Do a google search on “Craig Caudill survival” to see what we mean.  You can follow him on Facebook and Twitter.  Please consider subscribing to the youtube channels at Dan’s Depot and Nature Reliance School to learn more and varied lessons.

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109 Responses

  1. Lance Wentworth

    Good stuff Craig! To win knife watch video to get instructions. Look forward to more of your videos.

    • Bob W

      Have been looking for a skinning knife but have not found the right one. Overall I like this knife for all purposes of when in the woods. Would be a great tool to add to my belt.

    • Jeffrey Corron

      This knife would make a good bushcraft tool. I’ve been backpacking and canoeing for 40+ yrs
      I’ve had the best gear I could get. Now I’d like to revert to the old bushcraft way. I guess I need a different challenge. This horse fits the need. I would like to be the proud owner of this knife.

  2. Jason Gaines

    I plan to use this knife to shave every cat on my street…just because cats can be shaved with this knife. 🙂

  3. Drake Firebeard

    I would love to learn more about processing game. But until then in all honesty I would use this knife to get to know 01 tool steel with wood. Never had an 01 blade. Looks beautiful craig. Can’t believe your giving it away. Take care man.

  4. Chris Lindsey

    I wld use this knife for processing wood for fires. When I learn to skin I wld use it for that as well.

  5. jerold pierce

    would love to be lucky enough to win the knife cuz I always wanted That style

  6. Everett Courtney

    Would use this knife as my all around woods knife…great design for many tasks.

  7. Troy I.

    There is too much to list what I can do with this knife. But I promise to never use it opening boxes, cutting cheese for crackers, use as a letter opener or any other task NOT worthy of this beautiful knife!

  8. Keya Millionie

    Subscribed to both and commented (As Keya Millionie on Youtube)
    I shared it on Twitter as @MissMorphine (Not sure if my page is public or not) –

  9. Jeremy

    I have been looking for the perfect design in a skinning knife, this knife seems to have the design to get the job done. Most skinning knives I have found have two much curve to the blade causing you to have to pivot your wrist constantly.This blade is nice and wide with just a bit of arch to it. Great review and great looking knife for White tail skinning and processing.

  10. John M Hazlett

    great vid, would love to have this as my primary bushcraft blade! respect!

  11. James Slack

    Subscribe to both channels on Youtube. Love your stuff, always informative.
    If I win the knife I intend to use in while hunting and camping.
    Can’t post the blog post to any of the social media mentioned because I don’t use them. I’m a digital Neanderthal.

  12. Lane Martin

    I’d use it primarily for skinning. It would make a good all-around knife though.

  13. Shelly D.

    Always need a good knife when working outside on our hobby farm. This looks to be far better than what I presently have.

  14. James Kropf

    I’ve reserved a place for a skinning knife but have yet to purchase one. Great timing thanks for the recomendations.

  15. Charlie

    I will use this awesome little knife to continue to learn about really anything that I don’t already know. I have never skinned anything yet. But it is on my todo list. 

  16. Richard Flagg

    This will make an excellent addition to my survival kit; especially for those backwoods trips or when I am out riding my MTN Bike out in the middle of nowhere.

  17. Jeff H.

    love all blogs at dance depot. The knife looks great trying to learn how to make spring snares will try it out on my trigger systems. Keep up the great work guys and have a great year.

  18. Michael Szostak

    I would love have this knife , liked the review and really like the design of the knife, looks very well made, to get you through pretty much anything you would need a good blade for.

  19. Terry Wydick

    I would use it here in Texas on my deer and a ton of hogs I need a good hog knife ..Subbed both channels did all you ask

  20. Vicki Schaaf

    I would love to use this knife for processing my deer or bear – ALL BY MYSELF!!! Great video. Winning this knife would be a treasure.

  21. Skip

    That’s one handsome knife there, Craig. I’ve not not done any skinning for quite a long time. Retired now, and into camping and hiking with my wife, kids & grandkids. I’ve been making a bunch of hiking sticks for the young’uns and friends, from diamond willow, cedar, and other woods over the past several years. Looks like this would make a great tool for harvesting my sticks and skinnin’ them! Also liked your kindlin’ technique. Would be happy to “retire” this fine kinfe from its hides duty and put it to good work with wood now, with all due respect. Best to y’all.

  22. David Harden

    will use it to teach my 8 year old grandson to process game with a knife. he will keep it in his bugout bag and pratice his bushcraft skills with it also.

  23. Rob Parsley

    I think I would use it for skinning, but really, I have a hundred uses for knives…lol

  24. thomas vosburg

    I think the give away is great, I don’t know what I would ever use a knife like this for but we’ll see, thanks for the chance

  25. Johnnie Hales

    I am going to use this knife to teach my kids how to use a knife properly in a wilderness setting.

  26. Arnold Pell

    I always enjoy watching your videos and it seems that you always provide useful information. Personally I’ve always used the tip when skinning deer and elk and have yet to nick the hide, but I may give your method a try at the next opportunity.

  27. Stephen Fuquay

    Nice knife I don’t have a good skinning knife. It would be great to have your knife. I’m new to your show. have a great day.

  28. Victor

    This would be a good knife for using in our new Trail Life USA Troop to show the boys what type of knife was used years ago by a man who has taught us so much about camping(Nessmuk)

  29. Robert Hobbs

    Great knife and great review. I would use it for processing game and general woodsman/camp chores. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  30. Matt Lund

    Great looking Knife! I would use it for a skinning and general camping knife. Thanks

  31. Mike

    I would use this knife in all my outdoor advertures. Wether it be hunting, fishing, etc.

  32. David I Nelson

    Who can’t use a (another) good knife. You can build you a fire and prep your game – good eats

  33. Terry

    nice review craig , looks like it would be a good deer skinner , nice use of the rabbit stick by the way.

  34. dave

    I saw your video about making and using a rabbit stick. This would be a great knife for stripping off bark and cutting down the end.

  35. Mark

    Already subscribed, Info is always great in the videos and the Friday’s giveaways are icing on the cake. (Love Cake)

    The BHK MUK will go in my backpacking/hiking/bugout bag

    Make sure you put a nice edge on it like you showed in your knife sharpener video.

  36. Frank Zumpf

    Terrific skinning knife, would be useful for skinning pray for dinner and also for cutting up fish.

  37. Mike F

    I am in the process of getting a son and a grandson into hunting. This would be a great tool for one of them as neither could afford this quality right now. BH Knives made some awesome knives. Am also interested in that style of blade.

  38. Jack Herron

    Sure is a good dvd watch. I could use this knife to fiels dress and skin my deer.

  39. Josh Fugate

    Great vid! I would love to have this knife for skinning hides, wether forward or backward!

  40. larry mathews

    I keep waiting to win and this is the one, I am into hunting, wood work and I use my knifes for a lot of carperty work as it is easier to whip out the old knife then run down the ladder to get a tool to just take a small part off of the wood. I also think that it would make a great cooking and skinner when I cook or skin out a dear. This would be the knife thanks Crig really enjoy the thing that you teach on.

  41. Joe Frohlcih

    This looks like a nice knife. I just wish it had a G10 handle and not a micarta handle.

  42. Jeff Valenzuela

    Craig, thanks again for the great video and opportunity. I think if I were to win this knife I would use this as a general purpose knife for my outdoors adventures. I again want to thank you for the opportunity.

  43. John Jackson

    Of course I’d use it for hunting knife like it will be perfect for it. I love the way the blade is curved and of course it would be good for skinning game. Would love to have that knife.

  44. Dan C.

    This has the shape of knives designed by Ken Onion. His knives are terrific skinners and I suspect that this one would be a serve that purpose very well. It even looks like you could shuck oysters with it !!!

  45. Darrell Maynard

    Hi Craig great looking skinning knife , would love to put this in my tool belt

  46. Heather D

    Thanks for the review and giveaway. Looks like a winner. We are doing a lot of work down on the old family farm this year. This would be a great tool for a multiple of tasks we have down there: clearing ground, fishing, hunting, camping.

    I am already subscribed to the channels, commented on the video and posted a link/picture at pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/296745062923362619/

  47. RichardSitz

    Good video! I will add this knife to my med kit. You never know when you might need a larger knife to get to the injured person or to fashion a means to carry, make splints, etc.

  48. Swede Douglas

    Made a Nessmuk knife from a handsaw, use it for all around chores, camping, and skinning of game. Be nice to have one with more substance behind it.

  49. Keith Gehrke

    Always looking for a great knife and this one looks like it will do the job well. great info in your videos, keep up the good work!.

  50. Brad E

    This would be a great knife to replace my current skinner that I will be passing down to my son. The 2015 deer season will be his first so you have to start him out right. I can’t wait to be processing our deer side by side. Great video as always.

  51. Allen White

    I would love to try this knife out for everyday bush craft activities. My kids are getting at that age where I need to start teaching them the craft and get them out there learning what they need to know about basic survival and camping skill, like I did when i was a kid

  52. Richard Nesbitt

    I currently don’t have a knife this size. It would make a good all around camping knife and as time allows I am sure I could put it to many uses.

  53. kim kingsbury

    Great looking knive .I would use it to skin and process wood and general camp use.Thanks

  54. Momma Kathy

    Hi Craig
    Nice video, very nice knife give-away. If I should be blessed to receive this knife I would use it for whatever function necessary, since it is an all-around good knife for many uses. I am already subscribed to Dan’s Depot and Nature Reliance School. Great sites to help people learn more about nature and preparedness. I am posting this on Facebook. I know you are very busy with all you are doing and I want to say I truly enjoy both channels and your devotion to helping others.

  55. Edgar Rae

    Would like to go for Spring black bear and try it out there along with bushcrafting.

  56. kirk warrington

    This will be in my back country pack. The one we use for hunting farther than you can walk in 2 hours, of go on mountain lake fishing trips.

  57. Margaret Peckham

    I would love a good skinning knife, as I am learning to tan the rabbit hides I get with their brains (Yuck 🙂 ) Flipping the knife to use the back of the blade is an awesome tip!! Can’t wait to try it, preferably with a BHK Muk blade, hint hint…..

  58. Bill K.

    Looks like a great knife and Craig already has it broke in…I would love to have it to process game with.

  59. Bill Ryan

    Nice knife. Good video. I would get a lot of use out a knife this size when camping and hunting.


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